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How Tiptrans calculate Storage price?

The basic rule

  • every package can stay 30 days free of charge if you stay within your allocated box size

Storage is charged if

  • new package causes overfilling of your box
  • your parcel exceeds the free storage period

Storage fees

  • The storage fee is based on your plan; please check our actual price list. You can also calculate the cost here.
  • If your box is already full, we will charge additional storage proportionally. You will pay less for a small package and more for a more extensive package.
  • We will charge the storage fee based on the total volume if the newest package causes an exceeding of the allocated box.
  • There is a minimum charge of $2 per package (Standard account) or $1 (Premium account) - no minimum for Business Premium.
  • Every fee will extend the storage period by 30 days.
  • We double the fee if your package is with us for over 60 days and you have had no shipment from our warehouse in the last 30 days.


Let's assume you have a Standard account (rates are lower for Premium plans, this is just an example), so your Tiptrans box has a total volume of 0.13CBM and an additional storage cost of $50/1CBM.

1) Your first package will be sized 0.20CBM. We will charge a storage fee of 0.2CBM

2) You already have several packages, so your box is occupied, and only 0.03CMB is left. There is a new package coming with a total volume of 0.1CBM. We will add this package to the account, and we will charge a storage fee based on the 0.1CBM volume.

3) Your box is full already, and you will get a new package, sized 0.05CBM. We will charge a storage fee of $2.5 immediately.

4) Your package storage time exceed 30 days (package is 20x20x10cm = 0.004CBM). We will charge $2 the next day, and Tiptrans will extend the storage period by 30 days.