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How it works

Here is the legal bit of how the insurance work at Tiptrans. We understand you... more
How to start with Tiptrans
1. Open your account and get local addresses in China and Europe http://www.tip... more
Assisted purchase
Assisted purchase in China and Europe Are you looking for a personal shopper i... more
Tracking number not working / not valid / no updates
There is a meager chance you've received the wrong tracking number. Please cons... more
Our processing times
We totally understand you want us to have all your requests done within no time.... more
How to change your shipping address in Tiptrans
Each customer can have only one shipping address at this moment. However, we und... more
How Tiptrans calculate Storage price?
The basic rule - every package can stay 30 days free of charge if your box ... more
How to recognize which package is related to specific order from Taobao
If you order a lot of stuff from Taobao (and you will, believe me) you might get... more