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How to change your shipping address in Tiptrans

Each customer can have only one shipping address at this moment. However, we understand you might need change it, in this case please contact us via contact form and send us

Your FULL current address (we need verify you have access to the account which is suppose to change)

Your FULL NEW address.

Our operators will check those data and change the shipping address.


If you are using Paypal as a payment method we require your Paypal Shipping Address will be the same like Tiptrans address. Please read more here about Tiptrans and Paypal. If you use another payment methods you are fine, there are no limitations on this.


Frequently asked

I want ship package to different address
For this purposes we have Drop Shipping service, which can be ordered directly from your account. You will be able to set different address for each package. Open your package (click on ID), go to Special Request and select Drop Shipping. This feature also might require our permission (and we will disable Paypal as a payment method, because we can not ship to other than your address if you use Paypal). Just contact us for more details if you are interested.