Here is the legal bit of how the insurance work at Tiptrans.

We understand you trust us with your goods and we promise we will treat it well and with care. However, we are all just humans and problems might occur. It's important to understand what are we responsible for and what you can do to protect your package value.


100% insurance while the package is at our premises*

It's simple as that. If your box is in our possession (the time between we receive and ship out the package) we've got you covered. Should any incident happen, we will compensate for the product(s) cost.


Basic shipping insurance - included in our rates.

Should the package get lost during transport, we will open a claim with the shipping company on your behalf. Tiptrans will act as an intermediate between you and the shipping company. You will be most likely compensated for the shipping cost. Please note you will not get any compensation if the product arrives damaged. It's essential you understand Tiptrans is not responsible in any way for the shipping process and possible issues that might occur. Also, Tiptrans have no control over the speed of the claim process (in some cases it might take weeks or even months to get the final result). 


Full insurance (optional)

Get peace of mind. Our full insurance will protect the total value of your parcel should the unexpected happen. The insurance covers potential damage or loss. You will not have to wait for the carrier's investigation to come to an end.


Fineprint and F&Q

  • Need report lost/damaged package? Please contact us at [email protected] and send us the description of the problem + photo documentation (in case of damage).
  • The maximum value of the package for insurance purposes is $10000. *All customer's packages in our warehouses are subject to maximum compensation of $10000 (per warehouse/client).
  • How we determine "full value"? Simply. We will use the content description you've filled in Tiptrans app. We might ask you to provide us with the proof of value (invoices etc.) of the goods. The compensation will cover product replacement cost (e.g., even if you insure your package for $1000 but your product will worth only $10, we will pay you $10, not $1000. Similarly, if you declare product cost $10 but later you will provide an invoice for $1000, only $10 will be covered). The proof of value shall be provided no later than 7 days upon request. If you fail to prove the package value and the package declaration is not filled we will consider $50 as the maximum value of the package.
  • We will not cover anything which was not declared correctly (if you declared you shipped a mouse, but later you will complain there was also a keyboard in the package, we will cover only mouse cost). It's in your best interest to fill the declaration correctly.
  • We will not cover any items from our Restricted and Prohibited list.
  • Following items will be covered only if the package gets lost, there will be no compensation for the damage: bicycle, coffee machines, dinner sets, electrical appliances which are not considered white (cameras, monitors, computers, drones, lights, lamps, TV, LCD screens / TV, projector and similar), furniture, luggage, suitcase, musical instruments, wall decor items (prints, clocks, framed pictures, posters, paintings, etc.), liquids (include damage caused by leaked liquids), fragile items made of glass, ceramic, porcelain, pottery, stone, and similar easy-to-broke materials, used (2nd hand) goods
  • Compensation might be paid only partially if the package was not packed properly. Please understand Tiptrans is not responsible for the packing if we just forward the packet. However, Tiptrans is accountable for the package packed at Tiptrans (consolidation, repacking, etc.)
  • We will compensate you as soon as we believe there is a reasonable chance package is lost. It will usually happen even before the shipping company will finish the claim. However, should the shipping company recover (find) your package, you will have to return the received compensation.
  • There is no compensation for late delivery.
  • Damage has to be confirmed by the carrier.
  • We can't accept any claims for shipments older than 90 days.