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Our processing times

We totally understand you want us to have all your requests done within no time. And we are working hard to meet your expectations.

Here are the most asked questions.

When will you add my package to the system?
Please understand that we still need some time to process all inbound packets. Even if you see Delivered on the tracking page (you will probably get the tracking number from your supplier) we ask you to give us some time to process it. "Delivered" means your package arrived safely at our place, and you can expect Tiptrans notification soon.

China - within 24 hours*
Hong Kong - within 12 hours*
Czech Republic - within 12 hours*
Germany - within 12 hours*
United Kingdom - within 12 hours*

*during weekdays

How long it takes to finish consolidation?
We complete a consolidation request usually within 24 hours.

How long it takes to mail out my package?
Usually within 24 hours. Please mind the time difference between you and our place (local time can be found at the bottom of the customer section). Also, some companies do only one pickup a day, so if your request arrives after pickup, we are not able to ship your package the same day.

Please be aware that all times listed above are not guaranteed. We might be temporarily overloaded, and you might wait up to 3 working days (counting from the next working day after you place the order) to see your package in your box, for consolidation or any other service to be finished. It's very rare, and we aim to avoid such situations, but it might happen.

When will I get my tracking information? / My tracking is not working.
We have a dedicated article about tracking numbers; please read here. Keep in mind that tracking will start to update itself at the moment the carrier will accept the package. If you have a package in CZ, and you order DHL Germany as a shipment method, we need to transfer your package to Germany first and then ship. It takes up to 48 hours. The Same situation is for packages from China in case you intend to use some Hong Kong company. Even Shenzhen is next to Hong Kong it might take 1 - 7 days, depend on the situation on the border, how strict controls are, etc. Thus those times vary, and we can't affect it. Please be patient, or order some domestic company (which is usually more expensive, we got it so it's up to you if you are really in hurry, or you want to wait a bit to enjoy better price)

Are you working on weekends?
All our warehouses are closed on weekends and during national holidays (those are announced in the customer's section).