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How to start with Tiptrans

1. Open your account and get local addresses in China and Europe


You can always start with the Standard plan which is free of charge and upgrade to Premium later, once you get more confident with our system.

Frequently asked

When can I use my local address?
Your addresses will be ready immediately and you can forward them to your suppliers right away.

Is there any setup fee?
There is no setup fee and you do not need to add any money to your balance until you want to order some service or shipment.

Should I use ENGLISH or CHINESE version of the address?
In China we strongly recommend using the Chinese version of the address, do not use any English characters (except "Tiptrans", "Suite" and your name).

2. Wait for delivery

You do not need to tell us that you have some packages on the way to our warehouse, we will send you an email as soon as the package arrives.

Frequently asked

My package seems to be delivered, but I still can not see it in my account.
Please understand, that even your tracking (which you usually got from the supplier) shows "delivered" this doesn't mean, you will see your package in your account immediately. It means we have the package in our warehouse, but we still need some time to process all packages which arrived before yours. We are doing our best and all packages are usually added to the system within 24 hours. 

Can you pay for the shipping cost?
Yes, you can tell your supplier we will pay for the shipping cost, this amount will be automatically deducted from your balance.

Can you pay for the product?
Generally not unless you contact us prior delivery and confirm with us you want us to do it. You need to have enough amount of your balance.

3. Order consolidation or mail out

You will see all the package data in your account. You need to declare content, select carrier and order mail out. Or you can ask for consolidation.

Frequently asked

How much it costs?
Please see our price list. But for example (the Standard plan): we consolidate 3 packages from 3 different suppliers, this will cost you 1x $5. And we send them to you. This will cost another $5 so in total $10 + shipping cost.

Can I use Hong Kong company to ship my packages?
Yes, all the options you see in our shipping calculator are available to you. So even if it's DHL Hong Kong or Singapore post you can use it. We will handle the transfer for free and there are no other taxes and duties.

How to handle the customs declaration?
You will need to declare the content of the package in your account prior mail out. You can see a preview of the invoice, we attach to the package. If you need a different lookout, you can order "Attach a document" service, and we will use that one you upload to the system. This is all you have to do on our side, however, you still might be contacted by the shipping company in order to do a customs clearance in your country, they will guide you what to do.