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PayPal not available?

Why is PayPal not available for payment?

PayPal might not be available for some accounts for different reasons. Here are the most common one


PayPal requires us to ship a package to the address used during payment, and this address is the same one you entered into our system. Since Drop Shipping allows you to ship packages to different addresses, we can not meet such a condition. The Buyer & Seller protection program will not cover the payment. As a result, we do not allow PayPal for payments. We might reconsider this for Business Premium accounts with significant shipping volumes.

Pickup by 3rd party

We have no control over the shipping address if you use your carrier, and the package might be shipped to a different address - therefore same rules as for Drop Shipping apply.

Top Up attempt from a different owner

We do not allow top-ups made by 3rd parties (whether it's a family member, spouse, etc.). If you try to recharge your account using someone else's PayPal, we will refund the payment and deactivate this payment option for you.

Elevated fraud/scam risk

Payment security is crucial, and we actively monitor multiple factors to recognize potential fraud. As a result, we might restrict PayPal for customers from specific countries or even specific geographic areas. We apologize if you were affected by this and can not pay us by PayPal.

PayPal claim

It's your right to dispute the payment. But please consider this - if you open a claim with PayPal, you harm our reputation. That might lead to higher fees or restrictions of services that PayPal will provide us and ultimately to the discomfort of our customers. Therefore any account involved with a PayPal claim will no longer be able to use such a payment method in the future. We strongly suggest to contact us and try to solve any problem you might have without having PayPal involved. You will not risk anything, as PayPal gives you plenty of time to open the claim, but that should be viewed as a last option, not first. We are always willing to help.


Rest assured, you can still use any other payment method even if PayPal is not available to you.