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Paypal + credit card payments

In Tiptrans we do a maximum to fight against fraud in order to protect our service and sellers. Therefore we've decided to take in note Paypal terms for Buyer / Seller protection.

The most important rule is: your Paypal shipping address has to be the same as your Tiptrans address if you want to use a Paypal for payments.

We understand you might have different emails for Tiptrans and Paypal, but still - address has to be the same.

How to achieve this?



The most simple way is to define a new shipping address in your Paypal account.

1. Log in to Paypal

2. go to Profile

3. find "Address" or "Addresses" and add a new address

Please note that Paypal uses many styles of how to display your profile, but you've got the point.


After this, you will be able to select shipping address during checkout


Click on "Change" and select or add your new address.


Finish payment with your new address.



This method is suitable for

  • users who are not allowed add new shipping address in another country (for some reasons Paypal won't let some customers do it)
  • users without Paypal (use a credit card for payment)


Select Paypal as a payment method in Tiptrans and in Paypal page choose "Checkout as guest"

save image


Again - for some reason, Paypal shows different styles to different countries. So maybe you will see there "Pay with Debit or Credit Card" or similar. Just click on it.


Next screen will look similar to this



Another version of the same page

save image


And that's it - here you can add your Tiptrans address, so we will accept your payment even you have a different one on your file or you use a credit card without Paypal account.

Please note that we collect payments only via our built-in system (top-up link on the top of the Tiptrans page) and we use HKD (Hong Kong Dollars) as a settlement currency as we are Hong Kong company - however, those payments will be visible as USD in your account, as this currency is more understandable than HKD.

Do not try to send us payment with different shipping address, our system will recognize such payments and put your payment/account on hold.

If you are not able to use Paypal (your country is not supported by Paypal for example) please use an alternative payment method. Do not try "workaround" Paypal by adding different state etc., we will recognize it and put your account on hold as well.