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How to use Wise payment service (bank transfer)

Wise is a great way to top up your Tiptrans balance. Main advantages

  • available in almost every country
  • you can pay using your own currency
  • fair mid-market exchange rates
  • low fees
  • faster than common bank transfers via SWIFT or SEPA networks
  • our system monitors incoming payments 24/7, and those are credited to customers' accounts instantly
  • fixed fee $1, no matter the amount - this is usually much lower compared to 5% you pay for PayPal/card transactions

How to send a payment through Wise

1. Select the "Fio banka EUR" payment method in the TOP UP menu

(you can also use the "Fio banka CZK," though EUR is preferred) 


2. Our system will generate an invoice in EUR (or CZK if you've selected FIO CZK)


3. Click "Send money" on the Wise app


4. Enter the amount you want to send us

You must send the exact amount shown on the invoice and use the correct currency.

Our invoice

Wise app

5. Click Continue


If this is your first time transferring to us, you will be asked for our bank details; enter them as follows.


Our bank account is printed on the invoice (kindly note the account is different for EUR and CZK, use the one which reflects the invoice's currency)


6. Finally, enter the Reference.

This step is essential. Our system can not pair payments without a reference - we will have to process those manually, which will cause severe delays.

The reference is the invoice number, without any other characters (in this case, it's 2022124544)


7. Click Continue and select your payment method.

Double-check the amount, currency, and reference in this step.

Now pay to the Wise according to the selected method, and that's it.

Your payment will be credited as soon as it arrives in our bank account.