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How to TOP UP your account by TT (bank wire)

It's simple to top-up your Tiptrans balance by bank wire (TT).


1. Log in into your account and click on TOP UP link

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2. add amount in USD you are willing to transfer

The amount will be automatically converted into another currency if needed.


3. select the bank

We recommend using EUR payments if you are resident in EU and USD payments for the rest of the world.


4. click CONTINUE

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5. the system will generate an invoice for you. An invoice will also be sent to your email.

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6. pay according to data on the invoice (our bank details are included there)



- always pay EXACT amount as printed on the invoice  (please note system will automatically issue an invoice in EUR if you want to pay to our EUR bank account, do not send the amount which you've used in step 2 as it was in USD)

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- use invoice number as a reference number or note,  so we will be able to recognise your payment

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As international bank transfers tend to be expensive on fees, we suggest you use service called TransferWise, especially from non-EU countries.