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How to import goods to EU

Origin country is very important, if you plan import goods to the state which belongs to EU. Imports are treated differently depending on if the goods come from countries within EU or from outside of it.

Transport within the EU is very easy, most goods are in free circulation and have no import duty or VAT to pay.

However, imports from outside the EU are treated differently. You must make an import declaration to customs and based on results you might be asked to pay import duty and import VAT.

Tiptrans main warehouse is in the Czech Republic and we can help your with customs related paperwork (and this can not be done in Germany, so DO NOT send any goods to Germany address from states outside EU).

Even we offer this service we encourage you to do it by yourself. You will not only save money but also whole process will be more straight and faster.

We suggest you use DHL as a shipping company, because DHL will allow you do all the necessary paperwork online.



Get the EORI number - it's the number which is requested for customs declaration


page is both in CZ and EN language and you can use your EORI anytime in the future, so you need do this step only once.



Click on the link which was provided by the DHL
(change language to the english)

and fill the form, attach documents and send to DHL



Actually there is no step 3. We will pay all taxes and DHL assistance fee on your behalf when we get the package (you need keep your balance positive).

DHL price list for customs services can be found here - basically you can expect CZK 600 / for declaration if more than 5 items (HS codes) and 2% from total duty value (min CZK 550 max CZK 2000). CZK 600 is abt. USD 25.