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How to fill your address in Amazon

How to Set Up a Virtual Address in Germany for Amazon Shopping

Amazon Germany ships most packages with Deutsche Post or DHL Germany. To ensure that your package is delivered, it is important to include the name of the virtual address provider, Tiptrans, in the address.

You can switch Amazon.de to English and save your address as follows:

  1. Go to Amazon.de and click on the "Account & Lists" button in the top right corner.
  2. Click on "Address Book" and then "Add New Address".
  3. Select "Germany" as the country and enter your Tiptrans address.
  4. In the "Company Name" field, enter "Tiptrans Ste 1234," where "1234" is your real Suite Number assigned by Tiptrans. Note: you might enter this as a 2nd line of the address if there is no "Company" field.
  5. Fill in other fields according to the data from your dashboard (name, street, phone number).
  6. Click on "Save Address".

Once you have saved your address, you can start shopping on Amazon Germany!




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