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Taobao online shopping - how to add your address and how to pay

Last part of our step-by-step guide about shopping paradise in China - Taobao shop.

You will need

1. Address in China - register free forwarding address on Tiptrans

2. Taobao account - read our guide, how to register account on Taobao

3. Product(s) in your shopping cart - check here, how to select the right product on Taobao

How to place order on Taobao and how to pay with foreigner credit card


1. How to set up delivery address on Taobao (yours Tiptrans address)

Open account settings


Select "Delivery address"


Add your Tiptrans address

2. Finish order on Taobao and pay

Shopping cart

Order summary


Payment method


Credit card details

Add your real billing address, use Google translator to find your country name in Chinese




Purchased products from Taobao will be delivered to your Tiptrans box, we will notify you by email. You will be able oder mail out or consolidation directly from your menu.

Still confused? Use our Assisted purchase service, we will buy anything for you.

We also offer "Tao Bao registration" service, this include Hong Kong SIM card which is needed for registration.

Get your forwarding address in China now - it's free.