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Import to the Czech Republic - TAX (duties) and VAT

How much will you pay in case of import goods to the Czech Republic from a non-EU country?

Value = value of the goods + shipping cost + insurance

Value 0€ - 150€
VAT 21%, no TAX

Value over 150€
VAT 21% + import TAX (depend on the goods type, please find out more here: http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/dds2/taric/taric_consultation.jsp?Lang=en)


You also might be asked to pay clearance assistance
Czech Post - 97CZK (storage) or 200CZK (storage + assistance)
DHL - 2% from the total value of the TAX+VAT (min. 490CZK, max. 2000CZK)
UPS - up to 5 items on the invoice 260CZK, over five items 468CZK

Need more information?

Czech Post Q&A: https://www.ceskaposta.cz/sluzby/celni-rizeni/faq-caste-otazky-k-celnimu-rizeni (change to the ENGLISH version)
DHL: https://support.tiptrans.com/950714-How-to-import-goods-to-EU