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How to dispatch your package

1. Log in to your account and open a Packages & Shipments

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2. Click on the package ID

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3. Fill "Content description"

Please remember

  • do not use general words like "sample", "gift", "my personal item" and similar. The package description has to contain specific item names, such as "watch", "clothes", "camera lens" etc. You need to be specific here, or the carrier might refuse to transport your package
  • HS code is an optional value, but we strongly recommend to use it in order to speed up customs clearance
  • "Price" is the total amount (if you have 3x shoes, $10/each, please fill $30 as a "Price"


You can check the system invoice (which will be included in your package)



Also, you can select you to want to define your own shipping cost (the system will include the real shipping costs automatically on the invoice by default).


How does it work?

If you will not define your own shipping cost, the system will add the real price you've paid + all other expenses related to this package. This includes, but not limited, to the Dispatch Fee, Repack fee, etc.

Here is an example

However, if you define your own shipping cost, the system will ignore all fees related to the package. Your invoice will contain only items defined by you.


4. Select a shipping method


5. Order mail out

Please note we will not ship out your package if you don't order mail out. No matter you've finished content declaration and selected a carrier.

You might be also needed to TOP UP your account before this step.