Brexit update

This page is dedicated to the information related to Brexit, please re-visit it in case you need to find what's the actual situation.

This page is no longer being updated.

Please note the Brexit won't affect any non-EU shipments, therefore if you are not from the EU you don't have to pay attention to it.

Due to the ongoing issues, we have taken the decision to temporarily remove some Parcelforce and Landmark services until the customs clearance processes in some countries abroad have improved. We have other courier options if you still have parcels to send into Europe. DPD is only experiencing minor delays, providing you filled the correct description and HS codes. If you have something to send urgently and require a premium service, FedEx is reporting no delays.

Importing goods to the UK? Check this guide to find out how much you might pay:

DPD resumes ground shipping to the EU.

DPD service to the EU remains suspended, the current reason is a problem with the invoicing for the cross border shipments. Unfortunately, there is no estimate of when the service is to resume.

DPD suspended ground transport again, unfortunately without any warning. The reason is a huge back log in the euro tunnel.

DPD UK resumed its ground service. Please note you might not see it as a shipping option (as explained below). Please contact us and ask for a shipping options update. This is not necessary if you will consolidate your packages or use Drop Shipping (in both cases our system will re-calculate shipping options automatically)

France agreed to re-open borders with the UK, however, it might still take a few days to see the situation stabilize. 

All ground transport is suspended, the only way how to ship your packages now is to use air transport (which is up to 10x more expensive)

What are my options to transport my packages?

Please check our shipping calculator, you will always find the most actual options there.

Why is the shipping cost suddenly so high?

Shipments via Air are generally much more expensive compared to ground transport.

When can I expect the situation will return to normal?

We've consulted the Oracle, but even she was not able to give us any prediction.

I need to have my goods delivered before year's end

In that case, you need to use Air shipments as provided by our carriers (FedEx, UPS, TNT, DHL)

Will I pay VAT or Import Tax after 1.1.2021?

Yes, however, at this moment we don't know any details. You better prepare yourself for the no-deal Brexit. It means the shipments from the UK will be treated the same way as if you order something from China or the USA. Carrier will help you with the customs declaration and will charge you as needed.
UPDATE - there is a deal in place, but no details are known at this point. It's very probable there will be no Import Tax for most of the goods, but you still might need to pay VAT.

I see different shipping options on your calculator compared to the records I have on my account

Our system is designated the way we save actual shipping options during the package registration process and we don't change those afterward. Our intention is to keep your shipping options (and rates) unchanged (to avoid confusion if you let's say top up $24 to cover shipment and you will find the very next day rate changed to $24.10). However, in this case, it's a disadvantage, as you might see only expensive Air Shipments, even the ground transport was resumed. The only way how to solve this is to contact us and ask us to update your shipping options.

My package is not moving

That is entirely possible and those two scenarios are likely to be the reason
- we marked your package as "Shipped" and moved it to the Dispatch Area, but it was not collected by the carrier yet (your package is still safe with us and it won't count towards your space allocation)
- shipment got delayed at carrier's depo or on the road (please expect up to 14 days delay for UK-EU shipments)