1. Go to "Packages & Shipment"


2. Select one of the packages which should be consolidated (click on ID - here it's #1DC)


3. Click on "Consolidate" and select packages you want to consolidate

(you need also select the type of consolidation and declaration that has to be filled)

- here are the types of consolidation

The most cost-savvy is Option "C," which means we keep only products and accessories and throw away everything else - good if you are buying products for yourself only. Option "B" means keep retail packing (so we will pack products in their original packing) and "A" means keep even outer boxes - add all packages as they are to the new box (this is less savvy).


4. You can set another preference and then click on "Consolidate"

"Preferred carrier" is not mandatory. However, if you select some, you are telling us which carrier you intend to use so that we will keep in mind carrier restrictions (like the maximum size of the package etc.). But even with this final package might not be able to ship with the selected carrier unless you choose "STRICT", this means we will not create a package that can not be shipped with that carrier. That said, it might result in more than 1 package if all your packages can't fit selected carrier regulations.

You can pick from all available carriers, even if you set "Preferred carrier."

You can also write some special requests, it's a paid service, but it might replace some other requests available separately in our system, like "remove original invoices," etc.


5. We will send you the email with new package ID as soon as consolidation will be done.

So, for example, if you want to consolidate "123A" and "123B," the result will be "123C". This is the way how to ship multiple packages in one package.


Frequently asked

How much does consolidation cost?
The very common question is, how much will you pay for consolidation? It depends on your plan; please check our fees here: The fee will be charged only once, no matter if we consolidate 2 or 20 packages.

How to calculate the final dimensions for multiple packages?

To calculate the final dimensions of a consolidated package:

  • Add up all the individual boxes' lengths, widths, and heights.

To calculate the final weight of a consolidated package:

  • Add up the weight of all the individual boxes.

Please remember that this is a basic calculation and may vary in real-life scenarios. Also, if you use Option B or Option C, the result will be different and can not be predicted (as it depends on the content of your packages rather than outside dimensions)