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Do you need multiple virtual addresses?

It might be handy to have multiple virtual addresses in the same country in cases you want to buy a bigger quantity of the product, which is on limited sale.

Let's say you want to buy sneakers (such as Adidas Yeezy) in the UK or Germany or Hong Kong, but quantity is limited to 1 item per order

The important thing to understand is that Tiptrans offers a real physical address, so of course, we can not simply "made up" another one. But the address itself can be modified so it looks like a different one. Here are the options

  • You can create more Tiptrans accounts, thus you will have more Suite numbers. This is easy to do, however, it's often not enough and seller will recognize such attempt
  • You actually can use your Tiptrans Suite number and change "your" name. So even if your name is John Perfect with suite #1234 you can use "Jane Awesome, Suite #1234" as a delivery address. We will add the package to the Suite #1234, but you will be charged Another Name On the Package fee.
  • In the UK, you can use "2D Parkinson Road" instead of "2E Parkinson Road" - we occupy two units and both addresses are valid
  • In the CZ, you can use "Slevacska 1558/46" instead of "Slevacska 476/2A" - our building has two numbers and both are valid
  • In Germany, you can use "Hauptstrasse 20" instead of "Hauptstr. 20", or eventually "Hauptstraße 20"
  • In Hong Kong you can use "62 Connaught Road" or "63 Connaught Road" instead of "62-63 Connaught Road"
  • You can get rid of the word "Suite" or "Ste" as long as you keep your ID somewhere. For example, you can use "Tiptrans 1234" to indicate you want us to add the package to the #1234 box.

Get your free virtual address (the UK, Hong Kong, Germany, the Czech Republic, and China) here.

Happy shopping!