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How to use Drop Shipping

1. Click "Packages & Shipment"

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2.,Click on the Package ID you wished to be Drop Shipped.


3. Click on "Special Request".

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4. Select " Drop Shipping"

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5. Fill in the correct information for "Drop Shipping".

*Please make sure to fill in the correct information need to avoid any shipment problems and also don't forget to fill up "Content Description" and select a "Shipping Method".

Please note Drop Shipping service might be not activated for your account - feel free to contact us for activation. The main point for us to allow use you this service is how you will pay for your shipping cost - we can not accept PayPal as a payment method, as PayPal require us to ship only to Shipping address as saved on your PayPal file. This condition can not be met if you use Drop Shipping. That's being said we will disable PayPal payment method for your account once we activate Drop Shipping (you still can use all other payment methods)