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Buy surgical masks online in Europe

How to buy Surgical masks overseas

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we've noticed a spike in interest for international shopping of the surgical masks.

We've noted there is a supply shortage in both China and Hong Kong. The situation is better for Hong Kong, as the transport services are "somehow" operational, while in China are all services frozen, thus at this point is hard for Chinese people to buy face masks overseas.

The goods news is there are more than enough masks in Europe at the moment and you can use a package forwarder to have surgical masks forwarded to your country.

Here is a short guide on how to purchase a surgical mask online and have it delivered to Hong Kong

1. Open Tiptrans account to get a virtual address in Germany, the United Kingdom, and the Czech Republic.
(Select the STANDARD account, it's free of charge. Please do not mind the MAILOUT FEE ($5), we will automatically waive it for all our Hong Kong's customer to support you)

2. Use your new virtual addresses to order surgical masks in Europe, here are few sources


Please consider

  • We strongly suggest you make a collective purchase for yourself and your friends to save on shipping cost (we can combine more packages to save on shipping cost)
  • We will waive all Tiptrans fees for this type of goods to support citizens of Hong Kong and China; there is no need to contact us, our system will not charge our fees if the shipment destination is Hong Kong or China
  • Some studies doubt the standard 3 PLY surgical mask will protect the owner from coronavirus, however, it will help to prevent further spread if you are already infected
  • We suggest you buy an N95 respirator or FFP3 mask if you want to protect yourself against the new coronavirus, also called 2019-nCoV.



We are watching your orders and here are some tips on where to buy masks